Earlier this year, Nokia and Microsoft have had an agreement by which Nokia sold its Mobile division to Microsoft.

Nokia decided to tumble the tablet market and saddle both Apple and Samsung market share, with their latest Tablet called Nokia N1.

 Nokia N1 is very similar to the Apple iPad Mini 3 in terms of design.

but in term of configuration the Nokia N1 beats up the iPad Mini 3, it has an 8 megapixels main camera with autofocus and 5 megapixels front camera.

Concerning the performance data storage and battery, the Nokia N1 runs on 64-bit Intel Atom Z3580 processor clocked at 2.3 GHz against 64-bit chip A7 (plus co-processor M7 ) on the iPad Mini 3.

Regarding the Data storage Apple offers more options than it competitor Nokia, a storage of 16, 64 and 128 GB vs one single option 32 GB for the Nokia N1. Neither the iPad, nor N1 has slot for memory cards microSD.

Apple sees a significant advantage in battery life performance, the iPad mini 3 can run up to 10 hours on a single charge while the manufacturer of the N1 states that the the maximum battery life is 8 hours.

Nokia N1 is much cheaper than the iPad mini $ 349 against $ 249.

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Mohcine Ariani

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