In case you are wondering about which tweaks have been updated to work smoothly on iOS 8.x, or to prevent any damage to you iDevice. We are providing you with an updated list of jailbreak tweaks and a recent submitted tweaks to discover.

Tweaks updated for iOS 8 compatibility.

*F.lux - color temperature control display (free). 

*AdBlocker 2 - new version of the good old utility that blocks ads in the browser ($ 2.19).

*exKey - extends the standard virtual keyboard iOS, adding a row of buttons ($ 0.99). 

*Springtomize 3 - a multipurpose tool for flexible adjustment of the lock screen and springboard iOS 8 ($ 2.99). 

*Portrait Lock - lock the portrait orientation (for free).

*AppLocker - blocks the main elements of the interface, shortcuts, folders, etc. ($ 0.99).

*NCSingleTapClear - add-on for quick control groups of messages in Notification Center (free of charge). 

*Eclipse 2 - iOS adds night mode ($ 0.99).

*CCNowPlaying - Post to twitter name of the track you are listening to from the control (no charge). 

*QuickActivator - allows you to add a control gesture customization shortcuts ($ 0.99).

*Tage - alternative Tweaks of Zephyr ($ 1.99). 

*LastApp - Go to the last open application in one click (no charge). 

*HandyDialer - extends the functionality of the system dialer iOS, adding a search engine ($ 3.99). 

*Flex 2 - tool for authoring tweaks ($ 3.99). 

*LSWeather - replace "Unlock" message slide with the weather data ($ 1.99). 

*FlipControlCenter - alternative, customization version of the switches control gestures (free of charge).

*iTouchSecure - advanced use of the Touch ID scanner ($ 4,99).

*Messages + - an alternative to the regular messenger with support for Quick Compose and Quick Reply ($ 7,99).

*PhotoAlbums + - even more features to the native library ($ 2.99).

*QuickMusic 2 - more convenient media control  ($ 1.99).

The new iOS 8 released tweaks.

*BetterFiveIconDock - expand your dock by adding a fifth row of icons (free). 
*WhatsApp Read Receipt Disabler - Prevent Whatsapp messaging delivery reports (free). 
*Nested Folders (iOS 8) - Hide folders inside other folders (free). 
*DoubleCheck - adds destination name when writing messages in messenger (free).
*User Agent Changer - you can change the browser user agent (free of charge).
*LocationFaker8 - geolocation data manipulation, to conceal the true location ($ 2.99).
*VolumeNotifier - short confirmation beep when changing volume in iOS 8 (free).
*CCQuick Pro for iOS8 - adding gestures to work with the Status Bar and customize the interface control ($ 2.99).
*SafariRefresh - new swipe to update windows Safari (free).
*Slide2Kill8 - activation a short multitasking gesture for a quick kill for all the running application in the background ( free).

*AlwaysGreenregardless of the level of energy, the battery indicator is always green,  (free).

*MorePredict - enhances the predictive keyboard (for free).

*SocialDuplicator 2 - make copies of social networks and instant messengers - for owners of multiple accounts - ($ 1.99).

*WhatsApp + - significantly expands the functionality of the popular instant messaging service ($ 1.99).

*Weatherboard - storm, storm, calm, and other weather conditions in the form of animations and desktop lokskrine ($ 2.49).

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