With each drop of new iPhone Operating System,developers of third-party applications are following the foot step of Apple.either by injecting new features or adopting a new design.

Instagram, the well known service dedicated to sharing photos and videos available on various mobile platforms.

It is considered for a majority of users a must have application. It has recently received a significant upgrade regarding the interface and new features you are about to discover : 

  • Faster search: Get faster results when searching in advance.
  • Editing labels: Ability to remove or change the location of typos.
  • New icons: New icons for the sections "interesting" and "Profile", and other design improvements.
  • "interesting" tab brings new opportunities.
  • editable comments, change display position, users tags even after photo publishing.

  • Instagram 6.2 update is available on the App Store, in case you turned off the automatic updates you can grab your copy from the link below.

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    Mohcine Ariani

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