It looks like Apple is injecting the Retina technology to all the range of their products, starting by the iPhone, through Macbook, iPad and now the iMac.

Meet the iMac - The world's highest resolution display.

Schiller calls the new iMac "5K display"a resolution of 52102880 pixels, the pixels are seven times more than the HD display.Another small figure characterizes the thickness of the new iMac on most edges - just five millimeters.

It is time to dig down inside: a 3.5 GHz Intel i5 (can be upgraded to 4 GHz and i7).Graphics - Radeon R9.8 GB RAM. Fusion Drive. In general, Apple has introduced the most powerful iMac

Regarding the prices 27-inch iMac starts at "modest" $ 2,499. referred to as "5K display" 21.5-inch starts now at $ 1099, and the 27-inch non-Retina from $ 1,799.

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Mohcine Ariani

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