By the arrival of iPhone 6 and 6 plus, with the expected increase of size and the NFC payments... users are always looking for a critical aspect before upgrading to the new iPhone. The Battery life performance!

the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus has been teared down by many manufacturers to discover in depth hardware specifications.and comes out with the results of an additional run time for the iPhone 6 compared with its predecessor the iPhone 5S. And no more than two hours on the iPhone 6 Plus. The result of a winning combination of a larger battery and a new operating system iOS 8

A more powerful battery life. 

The iPhone 6 Plus has a more powerful battery life than the iPhone 6 to withstand with the larger screen resolution.

According to Apple, the iPhone 6 Plus now takes 14h video (against 10h for the 5S model) and 12h in navigation (against 10h for 5S). About 20% to 40% more. 

The iPhone 6 performs a little better than the iPhone 5S, about 10-20%, a gain of one hour.

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