The long-awaited announcement took place - as expected, Apple announced the latest generation of iPad Air, iPad Mini and iMac. During the presentation, Tim Cook said that the iPad Air 2 is the best tablet in the history of mankind.

 iPad Air 2 is by far the thinnest tablet in the world. Even thinner than the iPhone! with a thickness of 6.1 millimeters.the iPad Air 2 is 18% thinner than its predecessor.

Apple stressed this out in their promo video showing the iPad next to pencil, the later that needs a sort of laser procedure to adapt with the iPad Air thickness! 

"iPad Air 2 is not only thinner than its smaller sibling - iPad Mini 3 , but - it may sound strange - and it feels like a lighter." according to Gizmodo journalists.

The Verge journalist stated that The plate is very thin - it seems that you keep one screen.

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Mohcine Ariani

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