After a big disappointment of users by the DoulCi team to provides their fans with the only legit bypass of iCloud. I have a great news here to announce for you ! A 12 years old  developer ! yes you heard it right. He is the youngest developer.

Briox "his twitter user name" claimed weeks ago that he was working on a server bypass for iCloud activation lock that is done on the device and there is no need for a PC.  

Here is the full guide to bypass activation lock using BRIOX method.

You will need a SIM Card to proceed.

once in lock screen slide to unlock 

*select language 

*select region 

*once in the WIFI screen 

*tap and hold home button.

*Hit More WI-FI Settings, you gonna notice the appear of an circled

*Hit and scroll down till you see HTTP PROXY

*Hit Manuel 

complete as the following


Port : 3128

go back and proceed to the activation. Now hit activation Help

Hit on and that's a proof of concept.

You end up in the lock bellow and the Authorization ID will be released to complete a full bypass soon.

Updates will be available as soon as possible.

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Mohcine Ariani

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