A lot of you guys got stuck at the iCloud activation lock and obviously all waiting for the beloved DoulCi team to release their tool or to provide us with the new MAGIC IP to bypass the activation lock.

Your are finally a few days away from using again your iPhone.
Thanks to Doulci team!

In the following tutorial we are going to provide you with a step by step guide on how to use the Magic IP so that you can bypass the activation lock.

First thing you need to do is to locate the host file 

locate the C: partition ( system files partition )

Go to Windows





Right Click and choose to edit with Notepad or any text editor you have on your PC.

The Doulci Magic IP should be as the following image 

Here are a bunch of Magic IP's that were used you can try them.

Magic lines
  • albert.apple.com
  • albert.apple.com
  • albert.apple.com
  • albert.apple.com
  • albert.apple.com
  • albert.apple.com
  • albert.apple.com

In case you feel curious about - How exactly does the activation hack work using the DoulCi iCloud Bypass?

1) The iPhone locked to iCloud account is connected to a Mac or perhaps a PC running iTunes, typically the iPhone must be in DFU / RECOVERY mode. Once in DFU or Recovery mode, iTunes identifies the device and announce that you need to restore your device and then start restoring the iPhone.

Once restored, Your iDevice should appear something like this :

2) It is now where the Magic of DoulCi operates. When the device attempts to contact the Apple servers to check weather the restored device has the find my iPhone feature On or Off. the additional line in the particular hosts file skirt the request to DoulCi servers . The iPhone think that it communicates with Apple's server when in reality it communicates with the DoulCi servers.

3) At this stage, DoulCi owners could catch information from the device, such as serial numbers as well as other unique identifiers. However, the security researcher and iOS hacker  Steven De Franco confirmed that NO credit card number or other personal information associated with the original owner can be stolen. "Unless they have access to the database of Apple's Servers".

4) Once the device is bypassed, the particular iPhone is activated but still one more persistent problem!  

The problem of getting network signals.

Apparently, DoulCi servers ( old one ) can only generate and inject the certificate that bypass the iCloud  and sort of hacktivate it. The SIM is blocked because iOS was duped to be activated, while the iPhone baseband  ( the firmware that communicates and authenticates the device with the operator) did not. The SIM card from the iPhone will not be recognized and consequently will not be able to connect to any network.

UPDATES !! A new tool claims to bypass the iCloud activation lock released by a bunch of Yemeni developers called iCL0udin.

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