Hi folks, its been quite a while from my last article on how to break the Facebook restrictions and Avoid Facebook Chat Installation.

Anyway, today I'm going to provide with a super easy way to install Whatsapp on iPad or iPod touch running iOS 7 & 8.

As you all know, Whatsapp application is not available yet for the iPad nor the iPod touch, and in some cases such as mine, I do have an iPad 3 and I would like to use the Whatsapp Messenger on iOS.

So lets start breaking the rules, We are gonna need : 

* WhatsApp Application.

* A Jailbreak tweak called "WhatsPad".

we are going to start by adding 25PP Storebasically for downloading the WhatsApp app.

1- Launch Cydia.

2- Go to sources.

3- Hit Edit and then Add.

4- Now we're gonna add the following repo http://apt.25pp.com/

5- Cydia will take a little time to refresh the new contents so be patient.

6- You gonna notice that most of the tweaks are in Chinese, but pay no attention, locate the file named PP##2.0 and install it.

7- Once you get the app, just follow the images bellow.

8- Now that we got the WhatsApp app installed, please don't try to run it, still one more thing to do before the app can fully be functional.

Go back to Cydia and search for WhatsPad and install it. ( A respring is required , not a big deal ).

9- You can now setup your Whatsapp app on your iPad or iPod Touch, the same procedures as on iPhone.

Notice that in order to activate whatsapp on your iPad or iPod, you are going to receive your verification number on your phone ( any regular phone can do the job ).

Hope you guys enjoy this tutorial, make sure you check out Safari downloader plus tweak and stay tuned.

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