One of many most well-known and established for iOS versions is Activator settings. Activator extension is loaded as a dependency of many other Cydia tweaks and additions. Someone are using Activator 7.1.1 full potential for assigning gestures and actions that are not covered by developers, others keep activator on their devices to run some extensions.

Activator has recently Received iOS 7.1.1 - 7.1.2 support. The Tweak can be run on the latest iOS version, however, not all functions have been optimized, and as consequence, the system goes into safe mode quite often.The famous jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich official repository released the last updated extensions of activator with 1.8.4 ~ rc1 index. Of course, this is not the updating master of the tweak, but it lacks most of the known problems.

To get the latest update of Activator, please do the following : 

1- Go to Cydia and locate the Sources tab.
2- Click Edit, and then click Add.
3- Enter the official repository address >
Wait for the list to be updated and then proceed the installation. 

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Mohcine Ariani

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