Number of accounts using electronic payment system services (QIWI, Yandex, etc.) grows with a fantastic rate.In June 2014, 89 countries of the world have processed 250 Trillion electronic payment transactions, while the number of customers exceeded 60 million people.

In nine African countries, people often use "electronic" money of their bank accounts. In Tanzania alone, in December 2013 reached 100 million mobile transactions in the amount of  2 billion dollars .

At most Apple has 800 million iTunes accounts with captive "credit card" and an identification system by contact ID. What does this mean? People are more willing to pay without going through the traditional methods of payment for goods and services. Apple CEO, Tim Cook has spoken of the interest of "payments" in the company management. In the Quarterly conference summarizing the financial results of the Company (January 2014) Apple CEO admitted:

"For mobile payments - the direction in which we are interested ... It was one of the ideas that stood for Touch ID".

Many experts believe that the next step in this direction will be probably the high-NFC with the arrival of the iPhone 6. This technology makes possible the payment without any physical contact. The data transmitted from the smartphone to the wireless terminal at distances up to 10 cm - using the touch ID as comfortable as possible to pay for the purchase of the iPhone.

Such system could be Apple's most popular provider of "electronic money".The "iPay" system positively contributed to the iPhone on a background of its main competitors in the face of Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone.

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Mohcine Ariani

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