Kickstarter Platform has started another project with support for iPhone. Differs from most of its predecessors, the product called Hexama, simple and used in the production of inexpensive materials, which in the future will affect the price of the stand design.

Hexama Stand for iPhone
Edward Lo, a computer engineer that master 3D-design in his free time, while working with graphic editors, he invented the concept of the future stand. With the help of the 3D printer he managed to create the first copies of his creations . Hexama consists of several plastic parts assembled and, if necessary, re-analyzed.

The main feature of the stand are mobile elements, with which you can change the position of the smartphone in more convenient way. support can be used to type faster and more comfortable or a tripod for photo and video shooting.

Author offers users  the choice between different colors; Red, blue, gray, purple and gold. The Price has not yet been determined, but the author insists that Hexama cost will be cheap.

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