The vast majority of people who voted for the use of at least one gadget of Apple company, eventually ended up owning and appreciation of all Apple units park, consisting of computer, laptop, smartphone, decoders, etc. and today is time to discover the Cupertino's rang of Router.

Thus, the router can perform several basic functions - setting up a wireless network at home, expanding an existing one, use as AirPlay receiver network or as a place to store backups with Mac. For these purposes, Apple publishes three branded device - AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme - they are different one from the other in appearance, stuffing and of course the pricing. Below we will look at all three Apple's router.

AirPort Express 

This model is very popular among owners of Apple devices. Meet the requirements of the unsophisticated user with a fairly reasonable price .A small (100 x 20 mm) plastic casing that resembles the Apple TV, which is hidden antenna for data transmission wireless Wi-Fi 802.11n dual-band with support - 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

AirPort Express features two Ethernet ports with a rate of 100 Mbit / s data transfer - usually used to connect a PC Wi-Fi module and the second for direct connection to the Internet. In addition, a full size USB output that can be used, for example, to connect to a public printer and 3.5 connector that allows AirPort Express to operate as AirPlay receiver.

AirPort Extreme

If we put 8 routers AirPort Express on another, you get AirPort Extreme, but only superficially. Inside the device, things are a little different - six cells 802.11ac WiFi standard antenna, providing high quality coverage and transfer data much higher.

In addition, no iDevices do support 802.11ac yet - The device works on network, but using 802.11n. It promises to Triple the speed on Mac computers (including the MacBook) version 2013 or later. One more important thing - AirPort Extreme can use a directional beam to establish better links with the support devices using free Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Also, unlike the AirPort Express, this router allows you to connect an external hard drive, which will be available for all devices on the network. The rear panel AirPort Extreme also differs significantly from the previous model - here there are only 4 Ethernet port, each with a rate of 1 Gbit / s data.

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