Popularizing good camcorders for iPhone 5/5s is extremely difficult, not to mention the fact that this task exacerbate accessories like iOgrapher. Despite the fact that the camera-recorders have several advantages, iOgrapher allows you to get more professional results. In addition, many users claim that the accessory turns the iPhone into a mobile platform for video creation.

The device is made of polycarbonate, thereby providing a very light and strong. Sometimes, however, these words do not immediately come to mind to describe trends. To adapt  the iPhone to iOgrapher, there should not be any additional  accessories. Power and volume button iPhone will be available, as well as a headphone connector and lightning.Due to that the user will always be able to charge the device, change the volume of the track currently playing, etc. In addition to iOgrapher there is  two slots that allow you to install a microphone or LED panel.

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Mohcine Ariani

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