Recently, owners of smartphones abandon the usual SMS-communication and prefer instant messaging service. To date, the number of users of multi-platform clients such as WhatsApp, Viber, LINE Kakao, WeChat etc, reaching hundreds of millions of people programs.

The iMessage service introduced a few years ago, the owners of iOS-devices are also not an exception . 

However, Apple's program is not so popular. For example, LINE customers and Kakao now actively used for uploading videos and search for songs. 

It is likely that Apple will soon be well with other IM clients. Thus, at the WWDC 2014 was announced some very interesting features iMessage. In particular, it is easier to record and send video medium, record voice messages, sending location data, etc.

In addition, the application will have several innovations that may affect iMessage very popular. For example, voice calls and text messages can be managed directly from devices running Mac OS X. The integration with computers is a completely new services for instant messaging functionality.

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Mohcine Ariani

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