Beats Electronics has become the largest company that Apple acquired in the direction of Tim Cook. The company has revealed their latest product with fairly an expected technology - Wireless - Powerbeats 2.

Powerbeats 2 wirelessly - a logical continuation of the popular headphones, wherein the enhanced design and less weight. Following the latest art's tendencies , Wireless Powerbeats 2  must meet criteria such as mobility, quality and design. In other words, to justify the 200 $, audio set  should be comfortable for users with active lifestyles to meet the highest demands in terms of sound quality and adapt to the last mode.

Dr.Dre's products are exceptionally in high demands among the younger generation, for which, in particular, has received billions of dollars of Apple.

Regarding the headset it is simply perfect. Includes case and headphones brand themselves, mounted on a red cord. It also has a remote control, through which you can control your music, adjust the volume, make calls, etc. Connect with gadget made ​​by Bluetooth (wireless network range is 9 meters) and built-in battery can provide up to 6 hours of continuous battery life. Headset while charging takes only 15 minutes.

These Headsets will be available in black and red and white versions.

It is expected that wireless Powerbeats 2 will go on sale later this month and will be available in Beats Electronics and in Specific Branded Stores.

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