When it comes to advertising, nobody can compete with Apple. Or could not, until last year, when all companies starting with Samsung and ending with Google, have decided to use the same marketing trick that use Cupertino.

Trying to regain leadership in the field of marketing in 2014, Apple has decided not to enter into an agreement with the traditional advertising agencies. Thus, the company develops his own team, which will focus on marketing.

For many years to promote their Apple products worked with TBWA Media Arts Lab. But now, the Cupertino-based company intends to form an "army of marketing of thousands of people." To do this, it calls for the cooperation of workers of the most creative companies.

since the era of Steve Jobs and the famous 1984 ad marketing was one of the highlights of Apple. However, pressure from Samsung and other competitive companies made ​​the head of the marketing department of the U.S. producer Phil Schiller to the question of where the movement direction of Apple. In addition, he asks whether such a trust on third party organization given the risk of their exclusion.

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Mohcine Ariani

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