Ringly - a new accessory ring compatible with the iPhone. A "Smart" Ring designed for women, who often do not hear the phone ring, located in their bag. Rignly is connected to  mobile devices via Bluetooth LE interface, with low energy consumption.

Call notification, SMS, letters and e-mails from other applications on the ring are displayed using beeps or vibrations. It is important that the ring can stand for Three days without recharging.

"Ringly create jewelry and accessories that connect to the phone and tell the owner about the important things" - developers announce their creation.

Ringly with four vibration modes and five color backlights, each can be used for different notifications: SMS, you may choose vibration mode, and put a phone call into a specific backlight color. Ringly can be synchronized with reminders not to forget important events of life.

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Mohcine Ariani

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