what makes our life more diverse, if there no small pranks. Video of a cat playing with reverse able to cheer up even the most  workaholic people, cute animal with its clumsy movements, and even at idle - bring an irr√©sitisible smile.

Reverser - a Video editing application that will run backward video sequences, at least for a period of time. The application interface is intuitive and easy to use. Start button appears when you run the application.

Reverser invites us to record video against the effects of acceleration, deceleration or normal shooting. Different speed video is capable of giving the tragedy video or making it funny. Invert Schedule not exclusive for video but also can be applied on audio track that allows you to create even more funny videos.

 The application is available for download on the iPhone in the App Store for free. In the near future will be on the iPad version. According to the developers, the next version will include integrated purchase, but before the iPad version, all purchases within the application may be obtained free. Should hurry to take advantage of the application is absolutely free.

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Mohcine Ariani

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