A great desire to abandon wire connexions in all modern gadgets has prompted Swedish engineers to create Earin: The Smallest Wireless Earphones . A Kickstarter project submitted, collected more than the double of the announced budget.

Earin's Headphones is developed by Linden Olle, inspired by the entry of the film "Definitely, Maybe" which Olle saw in 2008. At the beginning of the film, the main character inserted a miniature headphones into his ears and walked down the street running on the soundtrack of a perfect day. Years passed and Olle Linden introduced the world to their version of the ideal headset.

Earin embodies the limits of modern technology, comfort and quality. You no longer have to untangle the headphones wire before using them and cling to them in any task. It is also important that developers do not get carried away and add to the fashion headset or microphone sensors, nothing more than headphones designed for Music. And as shown on the site: " Earin for lovers of music and only music".

For those who love finest traits:

  • Headphones Size: Ø14 mm x 20 mm; 
  • Capsules cover size: Ø18 mm x 62 mm; 
  • Headphones weight: 5 g; 
  • Cover capsules weight: 25 g; 
  • Hours: 2.5-3 hours; 
  • Battery and headphone capsules: Li-ion; 
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0; 
  • Level of protection: IP54.

Earin earphones price is not yet announced.

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