Taking into consideration the demands of users. Manufacturers of gadget accessories are in continuous improvement of Apple products. Bazaared a company that decided to please smartphone users iPhone by offering a physical keyboard  accustomed to tactile sensations, the accessory is a Bluetooth Keyboard Case, which is a cover for iPhone 5/5s with integrated physical keyboard.

Bazaared Bluetooth Keyboard case  is a special body in the form of a keyboard that is connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth. To operate, simply insert the iPhone into the body, push the keyboard and plug it through the Bluetooth settings.

The keyboard has 50 keys, including extra buttons to adjust the brightness, contrast, and also contains buttons to control music . The chassis cover integrated battery indicator.

Apple in its turn when announcing the iOS 8, authorized the use of screen keyboards by third party developers. This means that all user requests have been taken into account and are waiting for its implementation is next fall.

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Mohcine Ariani

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