The iWatch Production begins later this month, and the final product  is scheduled for October 2014 in the market. It is also reported that during the first year of production will create about 50 million units of Apple's smart watches according to Reuters.

Considering the fact that Apple managed to sell 71 million iPad tablets in 2013, the 50 million iWatch units  is very ambitious.

"The source says that Apple intends to raise for the first year to 50 million units of the product, - writes Reuters - However, these early estimates often vary So far."

More Details : 

"Apple will introduce a smart watch with a screen diagonal of which is likely to be 2.5 inches, and its shape, according to the source, will be rectangular. The source added that the clock face will be a little stand for the strap, it will also receive a touch interface and the support for wireless charging. "

It is reported that the first iWatch deliveries is scheduled for October. It is likely that the smart watches will be integrated with the new software for health and fitness monitoring of the user. Recall that earlier this week it became known that Apple is facing problems in OLED display manufacturing for iWatch. But they say that the problem will be soon  resolved. Regarding the cost of new items, it is supposed to be about  300 $. However, many analysts are more likely to believe that the price of the smart watch will not be less than a thousand dollars. There were also rumors that Apple is working on several versions of the device.

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