The most famous birds and pigs video game is back with Angry Birds Epic RPG available for free on iOS and Android.

After Angry Birds Go! licensed Angry Birds continues its empowerment with today's release of a version called Epic, which comes ogle the side of Final Fantasy, and Tales of Blue Dragon. Indeed, the new game from Rovio Mobile is placed into the category of RPG, an adventure game with a combat system in turn.

Obviously the game places the player in a fantasy world shifted decisively. Like any good RPG, Rovio has included a character development system, but also a management of equipment and magic. To boost his character, we can of course use wisely the experience points collected on the battlefield ... or to hand the portfolio and buy upgrades with real money. The joys of micro-transaction ...

The application Angry Birds Epic is free on Android and iOS, a good reason to dive back again in this endless war between birds and pigs.

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Mohcine Ariani

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