According to analysts, about 30 billion gadgets worldwide use this type of recharge their batteries. If anyone thinks that the number is five times higher than the number homo sapiens itself on the planet, painfully awkward, here's another fact. An average sample of consumers , ordinary American family uses about 10 mobile devices regularly and every day.


iQi technology is THE NEW STANDARD UNIVERSAL charging by induction.

Developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) iQi technology allows you to charge your smartphones, cameras, and all your compatible mobile devices running on 10 watts or less universally without connecting.

iQi technology is increasingly adopted by electronics manufacturers to enable us to recharge our mobile devices on a single charging station.

Apple is very interested in wireless charging. It may even be included in the future iPhone 6. The UPSTO - the U.S. agency that valid patents - just recorded a new wireless charging system Made in Apple. It would recharge their mobile devices without the need for a terminal or a base, as currently the case in some Android or Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

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