If You are fond of your iPhone Camera, and you rely on it to make professional pictures, you will certainly admit that the built in camera is dramatically missing some useful features that can not help you getting stunning pictures of different occasions.

The iPhone Camera Stock application comes with basic, simple features that are limited compared to the power of the camera installed in the device, with the CameraTweak 2 you'll find what you are looking for.

the following features are directly built-in the camera application :

* Countdown Mode for your photo shoots.
* Black and white
* Sequential imaging for quick snapshots.
* Control the focus,
lighting and clarified the pictures before capture.
* Control the quality of the video.
* Control video size.

Here are Some of the features  running on iPad 

CameraTweak 2 allows you to significantly improve the capabilities of the camera.

the Tweak is available at $ 1.49 on the BigBoss repo.

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Mohcine Ariani

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