If the battery life of your iPhone is one of the daily struggles you have, you must give a try to the Jailbreak Tweak BattSaver, which has been updated recently to support iOS 7 & 8.

If you have never heard about BattSaver so far ,well it promises to double the battery life of the iPhone by intelligently manage battery drain components such as 4G and other.

BattSaver allows you to manage battery life on the iPhone by allowing you to choose one of the strategies to maintain  the battery life, there are Normal, Aggressive, Ultimate, Custom and iMessage friendly Modes.

Here are the manner of managing the components of the battery to extend battery life for each of the strategies : 

Normal Mode : All the Battery-draining components are disabled automatically when unused, normal mode focuses on reducing the radio 4G data connection.

Aggressive Mode : Same as the previous Normal Mode, but in addition to : 
* A wakeup every 45 minutes, allowing the device to switch on radios in order to get the latest e-mail messages and notifications. 
* Disable Wi-Fi if it is connected to.
* Automatically switch on the Ultimate Mode when the battery is less than 15%.

Ultimate Mode : 
* Disable all radios when the device is locked.
* Radios are not ENABLED when you open the device (it's up to you to manually activate the radio via SBSettings for example).
* Disable Wi-Fi if it is connected.
* Disable Wi-Fi if in case of no network is detected.

iMessage friendly Mode : It has Pull to refresh feature.

Custom Mode : If you do not like these options, you can select the Custom Mode, which allows you to manage the radios on your device based on your use.

BattSaver is available on Cydia for $ 3.99.

In case you have troubles downloading BattSaver tweak, you can download the original Deb file from the link below.

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