I have recently received an E-mail from LogMeIn technical support informing me about the End of Free use of their software, as I already explain in details How to get a remote access to Your Mac or Pc using your iDevice

I'm Happy to Inform you that I had my hand on a great and Free alternative that do the exact same Job,the software I'm about to reveal was used to provide technical support, but it receives a number of updates and adopted a new features.

The software  is TeamViewer. 

I've been using it recently, and to be honest , I have found it more reliable, flexible, and comfortable in use on my iPad

What can you do with this Software ?

Basically , you can use this Software for the following reasons

1- In case you need someone's intervention to help you fixing your PC or Mac
2- you need to run a certain task on your PC from distance. 
3- If you need to grab a file from home PC to your device or another computer.
and so On ...

Just think of yourself as if you are setting on your computer and have all the access.
How to get it ?

1- you have to Download and install Teamviewer Software. Download Teamviewer. 

2- Sign-up as a new user. 

3- You can Now add as many Computers as you like. 

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