for people who doesn't know the iLex R.A.T tweak 


The iLex R.A.T is a jailbroken tweak that helps you remove all cydia tweaks and dependencies installed after a Jailbreak. You can Restore your iDevices ( Iphone, Ipodtouch, Ipad ) and erase all contents and settings without the need to use iTunes !

What's the new or the purpose in that ?

Well, in case you are welling to sell your iDevice and you are concerned about your privacy ( Pictures , navigation history, accounts passwords...) but at the same time you want to maintain your beloved Cydia or in case your device crashes frequently and you could not figure out the what causes the problem, or you are afraid  of updating your device.

the iLex R.A.T Tweak can serve you and be a lifesaving in some cases ; it provides you with Two options which depends on what would you like to do !

iLex R.A.T : allow you to remove all cydia tweaks and dependencies but keeping your contents ( Pictures, address books , apps, Music...), Settings , Jailbreak and Activation.

iLex RESTORE : is going to restore your iDevice back to Stock, in other words, perform a clean firmware restore, it will erase all your contents( pictures, address books, apps, music, settings...)but maintaining your Jailbreak and Activation.

Available on repo on Cydia for Free.


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