We all fed up with Youtube official application on iPhone, iPad and  iPod Touch due to certain limitations, such as the lake of enjoying your favorites videos offline, or at least playing in background where you can enjoy a piece of music on youtube's official app and reading an eBook. 

 Thanks to Mxtube, you are able to bypass those limitations.

* You can download youtube's videos even at 1080p.  

* You can customize the pod casting quality depending on your Internet. 

*Background - Multitasking support, you can leave the app to check your emails, browse Safari , or read a book on ibooks meanwhile still playing in the background.

Support both Portrait and Landscape mode.

* You can Rate, Comment, Share, add to playlists.

You can Login and access your YouTube account.

You can Create, Edit And Move playlist Videos on local.

* You can browse Local videos with the cover-flow style.

MxTube is a free App available on the App Store and NO Jailbreak is required.

 Download Mxtube

Update >> The Mxtube app was pulled out of the app-store for unknown reason. But we've got you covered, feel free to check out this article about Youtube++  a great Mxtube alternative.

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