Have you tried every suggested solution out there to fix the 1015 error on iTunes while restoring your iPhone 3G, but you had no chances to fix it? Still looking for a certain fix to overcome that error? well, you gonna be glad to read this and to follow this tutorial that will 100% fix your problem.

After reading this, you gonna bring back to life your iPhone 3G, have a clean restore, jailbreak it ( optional ) and of course unlock it ( optional ).

Before we proceed, I would like you to know that the 1015 error has to do with the iPad baseband installed on your iPhone 3G.

Step 1 >  Download the iPhone firmware IOS 4.2.1 from Here.

               Download Redsn0w_win_0.9.14b1 From Here.

Step 2 > proceed as the following : 

Please make sure your iPhone is well charged before proceeding.

Step 3 > Now put your iPhone 3G on DFU MODE and hit next.

Once redsn0w detect your iPhone, it will upload some required system files and the phone will reboot.The rest will take place on your device.

Please be patient and DO NOT interrupt the process or try to cancel it.

What we have done so far is we have removed the iPad baseband that causes the iTunes error 1015, and we may now proceed safely to a normal restore without any annoying errors.

Step 4 > Once finished, put again your iPhone into DFU MODE  and lunch iTunes.


Step 5 > After restoring your iPhone, two scenarios can take place ,either you will be stuck at the emergency call or you may be lucky and possess an Official ( Unlocked iPhone ).

If you are one of the luckiest one, I recommend you to activate your iPhone using iTunes. Just insert a SIM Card with NO PIN CODE and sync with iTunes.

What is messing is the our beloved one Cydia, put your iPhone on DFU MODE again and proceed as the following :

Hit next and the rest of the process will take place on your iPhone.Once finished you will be able to see cydia icon on your springboard.

Now for those whom are stuck on the emergency call, put the device on the DFU MODE and do the following :

Just hold your breath and enjoy jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone 3G. Still one more thing to do, which is installing ultrasn0w.

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