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This is a different  method from the one described Here

One of the annoying things to do is to wait for long hours to convert your HD videos to the appropriate format in order to play them on your iDevice , right !

Or in other case, you wanna Stream a Music track from your Pc or Mac using your iPhone with no need to move to your Pc / Mac > plug in your device > and sync with iTunes and to add more drama , erase all the previous contents of your library.

I really found it so useful when I went to use our Home computer but found out one of my brothers using it.

Thanks to your local network you can enjoy your Movies , Videos & Music  in 3 simple steps :

* Download the Official package from Here 

* Simple configuration < I will guide you through it >

* Download the free app from the AppStore  Here is the Link

Let's Get it

* Download the Official package from Here :

Choose your platform

The rest of the Work will take place on our device

You can Browse Any Video on Your PC or Mac in Any Format

You Can also Browse Music

You can Download tracks to your device in Order to play  them Offline

 Hope You Enjoy it . 
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