What I like about Apple Devices is the fact that you can rely on them in your personal and professional daily life.
Let me ask you a question 
How often you go somewhere far away from home and for some reason you wish that you can get acces to your Pc or Mac ?

I remember once : I had an interview out of my city , I worked the night before on updating my CV and then made a copy on my usb drive.but when I went that morning to print it out ... 
I bet you now where this story is going to end up  ...

lets get to the point , we gonna need :

* Pc or Mac 
* An Apple Device " iPhone 3GS - iPhone 4 / S - iPhone 5 - iPod touch or  iPad "
* Internet 

 Go to the Official Web site


Below is the Status Bar Icon

 80% of the Work is done , Now move on tou your device , Go the appstore and Download an app called Ignition

Here is a Direct Link to it 

Some of you might be upset about the price of the App , I would like to tell them that it really worth it ,but  in case you can't afford it  you may find what you're looking for in the following article 

Once you download the App

We have already Created an account  

You can also access  your Folders and files and you can even grab them to your iDevice

Enjoy and Share with your Friends  :)

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