Before getting to the restore process there is a lot of informations you should know about the Device that can be a saving life !

First of all > you must know whether this broken iphone is Officially Unlocked or locked to a specific carrier , what i mean by that , is  this iphone can run several Sim carriers or NOT ! " there is a tool for that , i'll get to it in my next articles "

Unlocked > free to run different Sim cards such as Orange - SFR - T-mobile - AT&T...

Locked to one Specific Carrier > you can only use the Original Sim card that the phone is locked to.

where is that going to help you ! 

 after each restore process of an iphone regardless of his model you will get stock to this !

in order to by-pass it you will need a legitimate Card Sim.

For Unlocked iphones Owners they don't have to bother themselves with the ACTIVATION and getting SIGNALS on their iphones.

but for locked iphone Owners , there is alot more of details they should get to know.

Secondable > is that iphone has been jail-broken previously or Not !

if you are new to the jailbreak thing , and you are not sure about it , just take a look to the next image and tell whether it has been placed on your iphone screenboard or not ! in case you recognize it then that's Good.


Again, where is that going to help you !  

since the iphone 2G arrival , Apple start pushing frequently their IOS updates , either to fix some vulnerability  issues or to add some new features.
each restore requires a file called SHSH Blobs , a unique file to each device that can only be used during the restore process and only if apple is still signing in that specific firmware.

to clarify more here is an example : if you are running ios 4.2.1 on your device and  apple just publish a new firmware lets say 4.3.3 , in case something happen to your iphone and you wanna restore it , if you try to restore to 4.2.1 you will not be able to do so and get your iphone back to life , you will have to update to 4.3.3 that apple is signing at that specific time.

when you jailbreak your device,Cydia servers start automatically stocking your existing SHSH blobs and  after each release of a new ios firmware.

thanks to different tools offered by the dev team " people behind the jailbreak scene "  such as RedSn0w , Ifaith , Sn0wbreez you can actually restore to any firmware you want as long as you have the SHSH blobs.

Thirdly >  now after knowing those informations time to acte , actually choices are limited and depends on several alternatives.

          * your Device ( iphone 2G / 3G / 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5 )
          * your Unlock state ( owner of an Unlocked iphone or a Locked one  )
          * which IOS firmware is currently signed in by Apple severs. and the possibility of having SHSH blobs either locally or in Cydia's Servers.  
          * if you care about jailbreaking your device o NOT.

wait for the next article , i'll be explaining what to do according to various scenario.thanks for reading :)

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