I bet you hate the long hours waiting for your videos to get converted so that you can play them on your iDevice, and you get almost , all the time bad quality videos specially when dealing with HD videos. well all that concern is in vain now , there is an amazing  cydia tweak thats going to save your time and do the job.   

I really recommend this tweak for all ,  no exceptions here. 


No need to convert your videos anymore! just play and enjoy them :) 

Personally, I could not beleive what the developer of Rushplayer tweak claimed !
All videos format are supportable including HD Mkv , RMVB , Avi , Dvix , Mov , Flv...

I did NOT doubt the existence of such a tweak , but I had a certain doubt on its performance !
I have already tried so many ," they worked " but when it comes to hard tasks such as handling a 2 Go byte HD MKV movie , ops, you either get an app crush or it consumes so many RAM and slow dramatically the device !

but after giving it a try, i admit its the best media player. 

What is is so special about this tweak ?!

* Rushplayer can run smoothly , without slowing down your device any kind of videos and also audios format !

* HD 720p and also 1080p ( ipad ) videos.

* stop and resume your videos ! You can play a video , answer your incoming call and go back take it from where you left it.

* Double audio support >  i  like this feature.

* you can adjust the brightness right from the video.

* you can lock the rotation  so you can enjoy watching your videos freely.

*  you can speed up the video or play it slow. You want miss any details.

* you can Edit,  Delete, Copy , Move files  , or create new folders / playlist.

* you can get to your device root files via wifi-ssh , super easy way for beginners or whom who finds other tools such as winscp difficult .

 * as you can see , im playing a 2.64 Go MKV 720p movie.

* you can adjust the brightness 

  * you can lock the rotation 

* you can disable either the right or left headphone or even both ( mute )

 Enjoy it. 

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Mohcine Ariani

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