Scenario 3 > a broken iphone locked to a carrier , you don't have a ligitime Sim card to Activate it and you want to preserve your unlockable baseband* with Turbo SIM Or Ultrasn0w  :)

you may ask, why should I preserve my Baseband ? and what is a Baseband ?
well, if you bought a locked iphone , you can only use the original Sim card on it,and you will never 

be able to use other carrier Sim cards in case you travel for exemple , but thanks to Turbo Sim you can actually by pass that restriction

a Baseband - in a simple explanation - is a cellular modem firmware responsible for telecommunications and signal processing , hackers such as MuscleNerd and others use the existing vulnerabilities on each baseband in order to offer us an unlock , and as a consequence of that apple Does update those baseband frequently to fix the vulnerabilities.

*Unlockable baseband for GSM iPhone 4 with Gevey Sim are :
* 1.59.00
* 2.10.04
* 3.10.01
* 4.10.01
* Run Sn0wbreez 

 * Select the firmware that you would like to restore to

 * in this exemple im using ios 5.1.1

 * as you can see in the image below there are 4 modes in Sn0wbreez for the instant im going to use only ifaith mode , i'll explain in details the other three modes later.

 * Now check both ; Activate the iphone and Install SSH

 building IPSW is going to take a little bit of time , you will find a firmware on your desktop.
Run itunes and Shift + click on restore and select the Costume firmware located on your desktop.

Enjoy and Share with Your Friends :)

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