Honestly , Sn0wbreez  is an incredible useful tool , Created by ih8sn0w , allow us to preserve the baseband , jailbreak the device ,downgrade ( in case you have shsh blobs) and activate. it is a all in one tool.
Im going to start by :

 iFaith mode

If  you ever try to downgrade your device ,or restore to a firmware that no longer signed up by apple's servers , you will certainly faced with many of itunes annoying errors that scare the shi** out of you :D , ifaith mode is very useful in this case.

 ( ex of downgrade : getting from IOS 6.0 to 5.1.1 for  iphone 3GS and  4 )

Here is a Step-by-Step tutorial ( Using iphone 4 / IOS 5.1.1 )

 * at this step you can check activate or leave it uncheked if only you have a ligitime Sim card

at the end of the process , you will get a Costume Firmware on your desktop. use it to restore via itunes :)

Normal mode 
 in normal mode options are limited , you can only choose whether to hactivate ( activate ) your phone or not , and you will get at the end of the process a jailbreaked costume firmware
This mode is only working in case your going to restore to a firmware that is being signed by apple at that moment. 
( IOS 6.0.1 at the moment of writing this article )

 * in case you have an Unlocked iphone hit No , otherwise hit Yes to activate your iphone.

Expert mode

allow you to Jailbreak , Hactivate your iphone or not  ( its your choice ) almost the same steps as the

ifaith mode except this time there is no stitching SHSH blobs , plus some other choices which are :

* increase the system amount of storage.

* installation of ssh.
Preserved baseband 

 is a mode that does not jailbreak your iphone , this is very useful in case :

* you want to restore your device without jailbreaking it ,but you want  To preserve your iphone baseband to unlock it with Gevey Sim.

* if you are fed up with the tethered jailbreak and you want to use your iphone without jailbreak , but make sure you have a legitimate Sim Card to activate your phone ;)

N.B > all of ifaith's modes preserve the baseband from being updated :)

Enjoy & Share with Your Friends :)

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