as i promise , in this article im going to take you over a step-by-step tutorial to help you bring your iphone back to life.

if you are stuck in this :/

 " recovery mode "

or this  

" apple logo " 

before proceeding  , I recommend you to use tinyumbrella just to try to kick your iphone out of the recovery mode and basically avoid the restoration process. 

plug in your device, run tinyumbrella and hit " exit recovery "

your iphone is going to reboot itself , if everything goes well, you will see the springboard , in case you get the recovery mode again :/ u will need to restore it.

I should warn you from now, that the restore process is going to erase all of your data 

( apps , Music , videos , photos , address book , messages ...) unless you have a backup.

 here is 
Scenario 1 >  you have a broken Unlcoked iphone , you don't care about jailbreaking it or either losing your data.
 just go plug it in and restore it via itunes.

Scenario 2 >  you have an Unlcoked pre A5 chip iphone ( iphone 2G / 3G / 3GS / 4 ) , but you want  to preserve your current IOS for some reason.
to do things right , we will start by checking for shsh blobs on cydia's Servers.
we are going to use TinyUmbrella & Sn0wbreez v2.9.7 & latest version of redsn0w.

Redsn0w is going to help us getting our Device ECID.

 Tinyumbrella is going to help us getting our SHSH blobs saved in cydia's servers if there Are any !

 Sn0wbreez is going to allow us to create a Costume firmware.

  * plug in the device and put it on the DFU mode > here is a tutorial on how to do so. 

  * Run redsn0w, Go to extra > SHSH blobs > hit Query this is gonna give you, your device ECID copy it.

 * Run Tinyumbrella , in General you can see manuel ECID hit it,and give a name to your device. (see the picture below )

 * Paste your ECID, choose your iDevice and then hit Create Costume device.

 * Now you can see that a device appeared above " SHOW ALL SHSH " click on it,then click on save shsh.
 * go to log and wait for the operation , and then go to advanced and you will see the path where your requested shsh blobs are

Now ,
if you are lucky to find some SHSH blobs saved on Cydia's servers, still one more step 

which is to stitch the SHSH blobs to the appropriate firmware via Sn0wbreez and restore your

device using Itunes.

* Run Sn0wbreez 

 * Select the firmware that you would like to restore to

 * in this exemple im using ios 5.1.1

 * as you can see in the image below there are 4 modes in Sn0wbreez for the instant im going to use only ifaith mode , i'll explain in details the other three modes later.
You can check this out

 * Notice that I let the Activation box unchecked , in order to activate the iphone Officially via itunes .

 building IPSW is going to take a little bit of time , you will find a firmware on your desktop.
Run itunes and Shift + click on restore and select the Costume firmware located on your desktop.

Here is the scenario 3 > a broken iphone locked to a carrier and you want to preserve your unlockable baseband with Turbo SIM or UltraSn0w  :) 


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