Have you Ever wanted to Show your friend a YouTube video,but unfortunately there is no cellular connection around Or the 3G connection sucks ! well, what if i told you you can get YouTube's videos on your device and you can play them offline ! and that's not all, you can also convert them to mp3 and import them directly to your Music library without the use of iTunes .

 ProTube 2 : is a Must-Have Cydia tweak , created by Jonas Gessner that can do the Job for you 
Available on BigBoss repo for $1.99.
  Important :   
first of all make sure you have the new YouTube app on your device or you can download it from the appstore for free, open it at least once and then proceed to the installation of this tweak.

* Once you have installed the tweak , there is no new icon on your iPhone or iPad springboard, neither any options in the settings of your iDevice.

* Run the YouTube app and look for your target video.

* click on the video , like you are going to watch it.

* choose the quality you want  / or in case you want to convert that video to an m4a .

* once the download is finished, swipe your finger from left to right to reveal the download location.


* till here , Protube 2 Job is Done.

 if you wanna import these video's or mp3 to your iDevice library, you will need to install a tweak called Bridge.

Bridge: is a tweak that allow you to import Music & Videos to your device library without a need of a PC / iTunes.

Any media file located on your device or that you received via e-mail can be imported with Bridge.

* search in cydia for Bridge


*once you get Bridge icon on your springboard, there is two different way to import your medias using this tweak

*the first one is by going to YouTube app, hit the blue arrow

*click import

* you gonna get this, Edit or give it a title and hit import.


* once the conversion is done

* go to videos


* as you can see at below image.

* the second one is by locating the file that you would like to import using Brigde itself.

 *Go To Files

* Locate the file you would like to import

  * you can : 

 - play the track. 

    - Edit the Title, Artist, Album, Genre.

 - Add an Album Artwork  

 - make it as a ringtone     

Thanks to Nawfal Griou for giving me a hand support to make this tutorial and be a part of it :) 
wait for our next tutorial.

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